Beekeeping Introduction

A great opportunity to learn from the professional experience of the London Honey Company beekeeping team. This course combines practical beekeeping with relevant theory and is for those considering keeping bees in a variety of locations - from back gardens to the Outer Hebrides! You will learn about the life of a bee, the beekeeping year, and bottling your own honey.

What you will be introduced to:

The type of protective clothing ideal for your hobby.
What to consider when choosing a hive from the fantastic choices available.
Correct use of equipment hive tools and smoker etc.
Sources for the supply of equipment, bees and queens.
Opening and closing hives at our teaching apiary and key seasonal manipulations.
Keeping your bees healthy and disease recognition - a key aspect of modern beekeeping.
The beekeeping calendar and what to expect within your first months of this amazing craft.
Bee suits and gloves will be provided for use during the course. Refreshments and lunch are provided too.

This course is an overview and allows you to find out if you would like to learn more.

Maximum 6 people.

The course runs from 10.30 – 3.30pm